Золотой век России (1880-1940)
Advertisement for the Shapshall Bros. Tobacco Factory, 1890-1900’s.
A.V. - Krymkurso, Travels across Crimea, 1925
Artist Unknown - I only eat Canned Goods from the Company of Iosif S. Kefeli, Balaklava, Crimea, 1890’s
Valentina Khodasevich - Advertisement for a Perfromance of ‘King Oedipus’ at Alexandrovsky Park, 1932  
Aleksandr Zelensky - Central Confectionary of the People’s Commissariat of Food Industry ‘Iris’, 1939
Advertisement for the tobacco factory of Y. M. Serebryakov, Omsk, 1900-10’s.
Y. G. Telyakovsky - Horse Competition, 1900’s
A. Koltunovich - Porcelain tableware, 1931
Artist Unknown - The Russian Society for the Manufacture and Sale of Gunpowder, undated
Artist Unknown - Nutrition is Power, George Borman Cocoa, 1915
Artist Unknown - Advertisement for Osborne Farm Equipment, undated
Advertisement by Aleksandr Rodchenko on the back of the Mosselprom building, Moscow, 1925.
 A kiosk with an advertisement “Where have you bought and ate the most delicious pasta and noodles? Nowhere except in Mosselprom.”, 1925.
Artist Unknown - Smoke only ‘Salvye’ Cigarettes, 1920’s